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Exposure Groups

Exposure Group No. 1

The Church District of Altholstein invites you to focus on Justice for the Marginalised

The church district Altholstein comprises of 53 Parishes. The parishes are the centers for church life. They are “church on the spot” in rural as well as in urban areas. They proclaim the Gospel and accompany the people in their specific region. They are all different. Each parish is having its own profile.

There are City-Churches like St. Nikolai in Kiel and like St. Petrus Church in Henstedt-Ulzburg. Therefore each church and each parish is like home for the people who live there. The church district has been named Altholstein when the two church former districts Kiel and Neumünster merged in 2009.

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Exposure Group No. 2

The Church District of Nordfriesland invites you to focus on Climate Justice

The church district of Nordfriesland comprises of 66 parishes with 110.000 church members altogether, which is 75% of the total population. It is situated between the river Eider in the south and the Danish boarder in the north.

The maximum distance from south to north is approx. 120 km, from east to west is 90 km. There are 88 church buildings, 55 parsonages and 23 church community buildings.

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Exposure Group No. 3

The Church District of Pomerania invites you to focus on Justice issues for diaconal engagement in the region

The Pomeranian Evangelical Church District is situated towards the eastern edge of the Nordkirche. 85.000 people, approx. 15% of the total population, belong to the church in “Vorpommern”. The church district comprises of three deaneries: Pasewalk, Demmin and Stralsund.

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Exposure Group No. 4

The Church District of Mecklenburg invites you to focus on “… to dress it and to keep it” (Genesis 2,15) – Just Distribution of Resources

The Evangelical-Lutheran Church District of Mecklenburg (ELKM) is one amongst 13 church districts within the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Northern Germany (Nordkirche). Mecklenburg – that means the coastline of the Baltic Sea with endless sandy beaches, the beautiful lake district, dense forests, open meadows and yellow shining fields of oil seed.

The people here are famous for their close attachment to their homestead, being less talkative in the beginning but friendly and hospitable - just like real North-Germans. The landscape is marked by 580 village churches and chapels and 84 city churches, which almost all are under conservation as heritage sites.


Exposure Group No. 5

The Church District of Hamburg-East invites you to focus on how to lay out for becoming an ‚Arrival City‘

The church district Hamburg-East is vast and diverse. City Churches in the center of Hamburg, seeking to get into contact to the society, parishes being socially engaged in social focus areas in town, family oriented congregations in the outskirts and village churches in the country side, they all do make up the district.

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Exposure Group No. 6

The Church Districts of Dithmarschen and Rantzau-Münsterdorf invite you to focus on how the course is set and how that reflects in justice issues

The neighbouring church districts of Rantzau-Münsterdorf and Dithmarschen extend from the outskirts of the city of Hamburg up to the North Sea. They are separated by the North Sea – Baltic Sea – Channel and connected by the motorway A23. The parishes are mainly in rural areas. Town like parishes are only a few.

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