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Exposure-Group Hamburg-West-Südholstein

The first Day in Hamburg-West - Südholstein

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Exposure Group No. 8

The Church District of Hamburg-West/Südholstein invites you to focus on How to be inclusive – Justice for the Other. 

The Evangelical-Lutheran church district of Hamburg-West/Südholstein is the smaller of the two church districts of Hamburg. It unites within its boundaries diverse lifestyles. Densely populated areas, city quarters, small towns and villages in the countryside are standing in the back of the manifold forms of life within the church district. 

Fiona Brampton

At the end of September, I celebrate 32 years of ordination, having been ordained as deaconess and later as deacon and then as priest. The first half of my ministry was spent in some of the poorer parts of England, in new housing estates. For the past 15 years I have been working in a collection of rural parishes just west of the city of Ely, in Cambridgeshire. Our churches are trying to work out what it means to be church, as well as to be Christian, in a rapidly changing world that can sometimes feel quite frightening to people.

At the same time, I am working with people outside the church who are struggling to see what relevance Christianity has for them, as the church can appear ‘outdated’. From my early experiences, as a young person, working with community workers and walking alongside fellow nuclear disarmament campaigners, I have learnt that working for justice is one place where the two meet. People are genuinely surprised to discover that the gospel of Christ is about good news for the poor and marginalised, and for all the world.

These days, alongside my parish work, I am also Bishop’s Adviser for World Mission. Through this work I have had the opportunity to visit our link diocese in Vellore, Church of South India, many times, and recently, our new link with Kigali, Rwanda. I never cease to be amazed at the way our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world live a gospel of justice. I hope that in this consultation I have the chance to bring their stories and experiences as well as those from the Diocese of Ely. I look forward to learning so much more from the other participants – and using that to encourage those at home.   

Rev. Joseph Chellappa Packiaraj

Date of Birth : 11.01.1957

Place of birth : Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, India Present

Service : Pastor in Tamil Evangelical Lutheran Church & Visiting Professor in United Theological College, Bangalore to teach in the Department of Religion and Culture

Educational Qualification : B. Sc., M. A., M. Ed.,

Professional Qualification : B. D., M.Th., Ph. D.- to complete in Tamil Nadu Thanjavur University to submit the Dissertation on " A critical Analogy of German Pietism and Tamil Bhakthi"

Additional Qualification : D.C. A. ( Dip in Comp. Application) and D. D.( Doctor of Divinity -Hon.)

Writings : Both Published and nupublished in national and International level Semianars and Consultations.

Family : Blessed with Twin daughters.

Other interests : Art forms like Music, Creative Writings like poetry and articles in Tamil and English, Organizing Seminars, Consultations and Social Gathering Meetings, Making Creative Christian Liturgies and Spiritual- Convention- Talks and Bible Studies, Entertaing Children, the Youth, Women, Senior Citizens according to their need in the Social and Spiritual awareness.

Aim in Church Ministry : Though I am a Lutheran Pastor I would like to minister God in Wider Ecumenism