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The third Day in Mecklenburg

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Katarina Toll Koril

Diocesan secretary, Växjö stift. Was ordained in the diocese of Stockholm 1993 and has served as parish pastor, vicar and rural dean until 2008 when she started to work at the diocese.

Presentation of Church of Sweden, Växjö diocese

The Swedish Lutheran Church separated from the Swedish State in 2000, but still holds a strong position in the society. Växjö diocese has maintained a high number of Church members, although the secularization also has madeits impact in our Diocese. In year 2009 the Swedish church voted for same-sex marriages. However, this and other controversial questions, like the ordination of female pastors in the 1950’s, are still topics that causes division between conservative and moderate parts of our church.

We find it interesting to take part in the consultation, not only because it is a way to get a deeper understanding for the actual questions for our partners in Pommerania, but also to learn from what the fusion of the church has meant to the different church circuits and the mission of the church as a whole. Many of the topics within the partner consultations are highly international and therefore very interesting to take part of.

Sara Edward Msengi

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ. I am happy to greet you in the name of lord Jesus Christ who is our Saviour. Thanks to give me a opportunity write a shot texts. My name is Sara Edward Msengi. I’m a Pastor of ELCT Central Diocese in Singida Tanzania. Also I’m a first Woman district Pastor in our diocese from church which started on 1911. Now I saving in Iambi District and also a Pastor of St. Wanzelya Parish. I’m not marriage.

Fro grace of God, I’m a Pastor of ELCT Central Diocese for nine years up to now. I experienced in rural churches that I have admistered for all year of my servant. I thanks God to give me a wisdom and power to be a leader in His church. Central Diocese is among of seven first church in Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania. The missionary from Germany (LEPZIG) came at Ruruma December 1911 up to 1917. And the first missionaries were Eduard Iltameier and Friedrich worthe. After that Eduard Iltameier and Friedrich Worthe they came Arno Everth and Noe Minja who was a missionary from Kilimanjaro on 1914 June.

The work of God in Everngelist gone on with Agustan Luthen Mission. The church growing from there to synod. From synod to Diocese. And 2011 the church of Central Diocese was celebrate Jubilee from first mission Lepzig came to Ruruma. The theme of Jubilee was says “GOD IS GOOD – ALL THE TIME AND ALL THE TIME GOD IS GOOD” psalms 106. From there 1911 the church of God were growing, now we have 89 Parishes, and Nine District. Also we have two Secondary Schools namely Iambi and Ihanja as well as Iambi Nursing School. We have also one Hospital and seven Dispensaries and Bible Institute. I am proudly to born in Tanzania.

The peaceful country and rich of with several Natural resources like mineral include Alminium, Diamonds and Tanzanite are found in Tanzania only located in Merelani. And mountains like Kilimanjaro is the most prominent mountain in Africa. The word Kilimanjaro is combination of Swahili word Kilima meaning “Mountain” and the Kichagga word Njaro, loosely translated as “Whiteness” giving the name white mountain. Also there have national parks such as Manyara National Park, Mikumi, Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire, Arusha National Park, Mkomanzi, Ruaha National Park.

Also there have rivers, ocean and natural gas in Mtwara Region. In Tanzania we have two national languages such as Swahili and English. In my side I am very competent in Swahili. Dear Brothers and Sisters I would like to welcome in Tanzania my beautiful country.