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september 13th, first Day

Sarah Msengi aus Tansania auf der Schaukel im Pfarrgarten Neukirchen

Sekhopi Malebo aus Südafrika, Sarat Benya aus Indien mit Sabine Winkler und Jens-Peter Drewes aus Deutschland.

Katarina Toll Koril aus Schweden mit Begleitern der Gruppe auf einem Windrad

We were in the morning in a small rural community, in Neukirchen near Bützow , in a touching ecumenical service . Then we talked about the challenges in a rural eastern parish. In the afternoon, go in terms of renewable energies: only in a wind farm, (up to a wind turbine we did it ), then the solar Church in Zernin.

For us pictures of the day are: Sarah Msengi from Tanzania on the swing in Pfarrgarten Neukirchen , Katarina Toll KoRil from Sweden with companions of the group on a wind turbine ( higher was not possible today ! ) And in the newly reconstructed solar Church Zernin in discussions about energy policy deepened: Sekhopi Malebo from South Africa, Sarat Benya from India with Sabine Winkler and Jens-Peter Drewes from Germany .

An intense day with quite controversial discussions about the pros and cons of wind power and sustainable energy policy is behind us.