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Welcome to Partnerconsultations 2015

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ from the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Northern Germany! We write to you today in view of a plan we have had in mind for a long time. As we shared with some of you on various occasions, we would like to invite all our partner churches for a consultation about common themes and concerns.

Why Partnerconsultations?

The general background for this venture is the merger of our three churches here in Northern Germany – the Mecklenburg, Pomeranian and Northelbian Church – to become the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Northern Germany. This merger took place and was celebrated at Pentecost 2012 in Ratzeburg. Each of our former churches bring into our new church relations to partner churches in various parts of the world. We feel that now, as our new church has somewhat settled structurally, it is time to invite all our 32 partner churches to recognize one another afresh, reflect on our partnership relations, identify common concerns and celebrate on our common journey towards the kingdom of God.

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As the whole consultation is going to be designed as a process, it is vital that people remain part of the process from the beginning until the end. We hope that the information contained in this letter is sufficient for the time being. We would be very happy if you would respond positively to our proposal for a consultation of partner churches here in Germany.